Call Congress Now


Step 1: Call (202) 225-3121 and input your zip code when prompted, or find your Representatives here and your Senators here.

Step 2: Call/connect with your senators and representative;

Step 3: Call daily and call often! Feel free to use the sample script below:

Hi, my name is [YOU], I am a constituent of [REP], and I am calling to urge [REP] to protect immigrant youth by passing a DREAM act. 

Additional talking points:

  • Most Dreamers came here as young children, and the US is the only home they have ever known
  • Dreamers represent an educated class of 800,000 individuals with a strong desire to contribute to American society
  • Every day, over 100 Dreamers lose their legal status. After March 5th that number will jump tenfold and they will face the risk of deportation




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